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My great friends at Rhythm have finally eliminated our biggest question before a big gig. "Have ya got a plectrum?"
Now we need some tuners.

Haldanes Daughters at The Great Northern, Byron Bay.

Country Energy Surf Festival

The Haldanes Daughters put on a show that only comes around once in a blue moon or a medicine show at the Glass House Theatre in Port Macquarie. Video coming soon.
Also Playing at The Great Northern in Byron Bay , Friday 27th August.


Dane Peterson is an amazing Photographer, and has obviously spent a lot of time workin out his signature film formulas. They are amazing. Check Rhythms new advertisements! Man!
He is also adaptable with new technology and expressing great colour and stories through digital imagery. I beleive if the heart is strong then it can travel through any process or medium.
Always one to be on a mission, we had a great time together whilst he was staying, and through his subtle and unique surfing, he has completely changed my direction in surfing. Oh! , The Glide!
See above for a couple of images of yours truly shaping and then riding Danes board, before he had the slightest chance. Sorry Dane, you said it was a bit onshore for ya. Go the S deck!!


Been workin on these for a while now.....and I have to say, I reckon I've got it!
The QUARTET. They out-perform everything I have! Sooo fast, responsive, real drivey and absolutely none of that quad tracking and weirdness. Insant Karma !

Rhombus Surf Shop

Angus Wilson from Rhombus has just been delivered a variety of Fishes, Sweet Peas & Snubbs . He has a nice little shop at 85 Brunswick St in Fitzroy, Vic. Check em out if you are in the area.