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6'6 teardrop for Brendan

There has been a lack of posts recently due to a lack of spare time with chrissy coming up. Made this one a touch wider in the tail for added beachie love.

The French Connection

The boys at UWL are glassing their way through the orders real fast. With some very happy customers already. Thanks guys

After many delays, promises, hic ups and teeth pulled through Tunnel Vision Glassing recently, (who's quality and reliability has gone down the tube), I have found a new glassing shop with excellent quality, consistency and shorter lead times. Using Silmar resin and Surf 9 cloth with extra wide laps for strength, 10 strands of rovings + 2 layers of 6 oz for fins these glass on quads are not for the average glass shop. Here's a new 6'0 Quartet for Mark Ekland. It's finally packed and ready to go mate!

The Blue Chateau ~ Chapter II

7'0 x 21 x 2 3/4 x 16 N x 14 T
Single Fin, low soft rails, slight vee entry>flat>spiral vee> flat behind fin

A Pair of Blades

Here's a pair Blade Runner's for the Wallako Surf Shop in the Basque Region, 8'5 and an 8'11.

The French Virgin @ The Chateau Cardinal

The first board shaped by hand here in La Rochelle.
A 6'6 x 20'1/4 x 2'3/4 for easy surfing around the Charente-Maritime region.

UWL and sweet La Rochelle

Renaud, Benoit and the family at UWL Surfboards in La Rochelle have been so welcoming. I am impressed with the quality of craftsmanship, dedication and passion for surfboard building. It's a pleasure to work with them and I've heard it's the best factory in Europe. They have offered me an awesome shaping bay to get to work in and at lunch time each day, all the staff sit down at a trestle table ladened with a mean feast prepared in the factory kitchen by Renaud himself. Nice style!

Biarritz and Hossegor tourist style

Bonjour from Paris!!

Headin' to France

Heading over to France next week to the trade show in Biarritz and then a few weeks of shaping in La Rochelle thanks to the guys at UWL.

Also a big thanks to Rui Riberto from:

Any one after a board in Australia please contact my good mate Josh Gunthorpe who is taking care of things this end.

The Shortboard Revolution

Neal Purchase snr's first board "the Virgin", 8'4 , shaped at Keyo's in '66 whilst he was still the fin maker and shit kicker. See above for Neal snr riding it. Ted Spencer and Kevin Platt also rode it, came back raving and he was immediately promoted to the shapers job with Bob Mctavish.
Thanks to David Bell, Andrew Kidman, Mick Mock and Derek Hynd.