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Lots of packed shows of late with the Daughters. Almost every night while Quiky Pro was on at the great Rainbow Surf Club with heaps of support. Here's some shots from our support with Ash Grunwald at the Cooly Hotel.

Sea of Joy at Solace Single Fin Classic

Not much happening in the ocean, but geez, a great time was had, plus outstanding performances by all, lost my first round heat to local shredders on pre - 80's singles and the "solid" Noosa surfing community was in fine form. Thanks for the lift up Mud and to the Solace boys for such a great gathering. Harrison Roach took the honours by a dogs hair. pics from sully

It's Been a Hard Days Night

...and I've been workin' like a dog..
Lots comin thru, hard to photograph them all and still a bunch of dust on these puppies, but managed to grab some quick shots. Thanks , Neal

Some Newies

This one is 7'4 x 20 1/2 x 2 5/8 Quartet Quad! with a new template I have made, be great as a 2+1 also, with some new 8-9" flex fins.
Subtle hull entry > spiral vee
Also just a reminder, all boards are 100% hand shaped?!
For the love and feeling!
No routers, jigs, profilers, machines or helping hands. Just love and a planer, saw, surform, block and gauze for all boards.