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Son of a Gunthorp

Josh and Zac Gunthorp from Solace came down to Mowtown last week.
We collaborated on a 4'8 twin fin creature named the Snagglepussy to slice up the Noosa area. Afterwards, an acoustic affair with a few beers. Always good times when they are down.


This is another loyal dog, my faithful Mrs Twin
6'1 x 20 x 2 5/8
MR Twin fins

Sea Dog

This is my loyal dog Roxy,she loves the beach and guards my gear!

The Pink Lady

Here's some shots of a new "S Deck" fun board called The Pink Lady. Mowed down for Dane Peterson while in town with Alex Kopps and Harrison Roach.
It's 5'9 x 20 1/2 x 2 5/8
Did a bunch for the guys while they stayed.
Alex is making a new movie called "Displacement".I just happened to find some of MP's original templates and used an old Burfords 6'6 F for this one,was a marathon!
After riding Alex's Cali Hulls for a week I did my interpretation. More tri-plane than Hull.Hope to get the Shaping Bay time laps and more documented photos to post soon.

Put me in a barrell

The boards you see here don't have homes and need a friend to take them to the water. The green 5'10 Lamb Chop (wooden Dfin Fish) NEW RRP $995 but going at the moment for $795. The 5'9 stringerless Twin Fin is used but still in almost immaculate condition is going for $550 and the 6'0 Cuttle Fish also in pretty much perfect condition is going for $495. Anyone interested or needing more info of these boards email us at


Its been a long time between drinks...which is unusual for us... but keep watching this space cause we will be updating regularly with all the things happening in the world of Neal Purchase Jr
stay tuned