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My good mate Johnny Pettex has a bunch of numbered and signed prints taken by bRAD at big groyne, Kirra on a 2+1 I shaped. For more info contact

Outer Banks

Midnight Ivy

Here's some image burns of my talented and beautiful 1st born daughter Cedar, of surrounds & siblings. Check out her blog at

A Part of a Days Work

Here's a 3 part time laps over 3 hrs. This one is a 2+1 / 6'4 x 20 x 2 5/8 for Raeffer via The Sugarmill Surf Shop in Narrabeen.

Abegg egg and Purch lurch lost in NZ time

Courtesy from Dane Peterson Photography

Johnny Abegg surfs like Gerry Lopez x Wayne Lynch

He's a extremely gifted and humane man with many projects to his name, and also a very humble and funny guy with the funniest laugh I have ever heard. Here's some shots he stole while on our travels. Look forward to seeing Mick Waters' footage of The Abegg riding The Egg!


Tim is now officially single.