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Came across this Wayne Lynch, circa late '69-70, I think.
5'10 x 21 x 2 7/8. Shaped by either Wayne or John Arnold.
Favourite surfer, Favourite era. Blew me away. A displacement entry > flat > vee > flat exit. Looked really rideable!
Got a template!

6'6 x 20 x 3 1/4

Here's the 6'6 x 20 x 3 1/4 single fin being ridden bareback on Melbourne Cup Day.


Actually more like long green walls. Just spent some quality surfing time with Johnny Abegg, Mic Waters & Dane Peterson. Finally on a trip with another goofy foot meant staying left of feild & being face to face with all the sea could give. Packed 4 obscure surf crafts and had an amazing time with the boys & thanks to Axxe wetsuits and Rhythm clothing for help. Heres some quick snapshots, footage on the way.


Had some fun on this one, a 7'6 x 22 1/2 x 2 3/4 for and with Lachlan Leckie. Hull > flat > vee


This Quartet is 6'2 x 20 1/4 x 2 5/8, has a fuller outline and is flatter. Mowed from the same 6'9 Core "Fish" blank the Pink Lady is born from with same templates, just a round tail and more even thickness. Have been riding for the past 2 weeks and totally hooked.


This one goes out to Mark Eklund in Victoria today.
6'3 x 20 1/2 x 2 5/8


Can't wait to mow a couple down at The SUGARMILL and check the kaleidoscope of surfboards on Sat 11th in Sth Narrabeen!


My great friends at Rhythm have finally eliminated our biggest question before a big gig. "Have ya got a plectrum?"
Now we need some tuners.

Haldanes Daughters at The Great Northern, Byron Bay.

Country Energy Surf Festival

The Haldanes Daughters put on a show that only comes around once in a blue moon or a medicine show at the Glass House Theatre in Port Macquarie. Video coming soon.
Also Playing at The Great Northern in Byron Bay , Friday 27th August.


Dane Peterson is an amazing Photographer, and has obviously spent a lot of time workin out his signature film formulas. They are amazing. Check Rhythms new advertisements! Man!
He is also adaptable with new technology and expressing great colour and stories through digital imagery. I beleive if the heart is strong then it can travel through any process or medium.
Always one to be on a mission, we had a great time together whilst he was staying, and through his subtle and unique surfing, he has completely changed my direction in surfing. Oh! , The Glide!
See above for a couple of images of yours truly shaping and then riding Danes board, before he had the slightest chance. Sorry Dane, you said it was a bit onshore for ya. Go the S deck!!


Been workin on these for a while now.....and I have to say, I reckon I've got it!
The QUARTET. They out-perform everything I have! Sooo fast, responsive, real drivey and absolutely none of that quad tracking and weirdness. Insant Karma !

Rhombus Surf Shop

Angus Wilson from Rhombus has just been delivered a variety of Fishes, Sweet Peas & Snubbs . He has a nice little shop at 85 Brunswick St in Fitzroy, Vic. Check em out if you are in the area.

Son of a Gunthorp

Josh and Zac Gunthorp from Solace came down to Mowtown last week.
We collaborated on a 4'8 twin fin creature named the Snagglepussy to slice up the Noosa area. Afterwards, an acoustic affair with a few beers. Always good times when they are down.


This is another loyal dog, my faithful Mrs Twin
6'1 x 20 x 2 5/8
MR Twin fins

Sea Dog

This is my loyal dog Roxy,she loves the beach and guards my gear!

The Pink Lady

Here's some shots of a new "S Deck" fun board called The Pink Lady. Mowed down for Dane Peterson while in town with Alex Kopps and Harrison Roach.
It's 5'9 x 20 1/2 x 2 5/8
Did a bunch for the guys while they stayed.
Alex is making a new movie called "Displacement".I just happened to find some of MP's original templates and used an old Burfords 6'6 F for this one,was a marathon!
After riding Alex's Cali Hulls for a week I did my interpretation. More tri-plane than Hull.Hope to get the Shaping Bay time laps and more documented photos to post soon.

Put me in a barrell

The boards you see here don't have homes and need a friend to take them to the water. The green 5'10 Lamb Chop (wooden Dfin Fish) NEW RRP $995 but going at the moment for $795. The 5'9 stringerless Twin Fin is used but still in almost immaculate condition is going for $550 and the 6'0 Cuttle Fish also in pretty much perfect condition is going for $495. Anyone interested or needing more info of these boards email us at