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The Pink Lady

Here's some shots of a new "S Deck" fun board called The Pink Lady. Mowed down for Dane Peterson while in town with Alex Kopps and Harrison Roach.
It's 5'9 x 20 1/2 x 2 5/8
Did a bunch for the guys while they stayed.
Alex is making a new movie called "Displacement".I just happened to find some of MP's original templates and used an old Burfords 6'6 F for this one,was a marathon!
After riding Alex's Cali Hulls for a week I did my interpretation. More tri-plane than Hull.Hope to get the Shaping Bay time laps and more documented photos to post soon.


  1. ohhhh lala. That looks real nice.


  2. yes yes. hope alex got you on a Liddle
    in some lefts to feel the real deal from
    master Greg.
    that would be special to see i'm sure.
    pink lady looks great.