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Rich Pavel X NPJ 7'0 x 20 x 2 5/8 Single / 2+1/ 14 1/2 N x 14 1/4 T

This was interesting times , supa busy, many things goin' on , and out of nowhere, Richie turns up in true form.  Eventually we get together at Chris "Phantom" Garret's beautiful farm at Cudgen. So with half  of my tools, some blocks, plus Richie's new plethora of templates + his skill planer + some of my Quartet ply's we worked this one out. Mowed from a 7'0 Don from Burford's after a great tour of the factorywith an orange foam insert x 1/16 cedar stringers either side to get the width we needed. Richie shaped my green single fin the opening credits to Glass Love back in 2001.

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