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The Pink Lady...a 2+1

Here's my alternative to the Standard 2+1 which was based on power surfing and all round surf. While Koppsy and Dane Peterson were around I shaped a super low rockered, wider outlined, semi hull inspired design. The Pink Lady set up is more Greenough inspired with a loaded flex tip. Great for middy's and wider fun boards with lower rockers. Great fun up to 4-5 ft, then the flex tip bucks you off. Less base, but more depth gives more pivot and I place these fins 1 1/2 inches further up the board to the standard 2+1. More suited to front foot surfing.


  1. Thnaks for sharing this info. always love to hear from the shapers why that do this and that.
    A shaper that thinks of everything from shape to fins is always high on my consideration.

    Keep them coming. I'm for one of your 2+1's if you head this way.

  2. Thanks Rui, and for all your help, I am certain I will be seeing ya buddy!

  3. Read Pavel starts with the fin design and then designs the board around it.