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Rasta on the 6'6- 2+1

Here's some footage at small backdoor.


  1. This Board is 6'6 x 19 3/4 x 2 7/8 !, 14 3/4 N x 14 1/2 T . A really big flat, fat "fun" board I made for fat NZ points with heaps float for heaps of rubber. I rode it a few times and was OK fun , not a performance weapon, Rasta was there in unfortunate circumstances with-out a board, then got called to hawaii. And whist the board is obviously too big for him, I think he rides the board how it should be ridden without trying to overpower it and does it well. I look forward to seeing him ride his new 5'10, 2 +1 suited to him, also a 5'7 Quartet.

  2. Want to order one or buy this one if it is still in Hawaii.

  3. Great surfer and Great shaper!!!! And the music??? Does someone knows who is???